Predictions for Marketing in 2016


No, that’s not a typo in the title – these are predictions for marketing in 2016. There are plenty of articles and blogs predicting what will happen in marketing in 2015. Wading through them and gleaning the valuable predictions from the self-serving or just plain silly ones is at least a day’s effort for you. I‘m bypassing 2015 entirely and going right to 2016.

“Does she have a crystal ball?” you may ask. No, something much better. In six research surveys done with marketers in companies with revenue over $500M in 2014, we’ve asked questions about their plans for two years from now.

Here are five themes for the future which resonated across multiple surveys and form the basis for these predictions. Remember, they are made specifically for large and extra-large companies.

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When It Comes to Branding, Perception is Reality

BrandingSeeing is believing. That is a strange aphorism that would seem to be disproven time and again. Human perception is notoriously unreliable. People are always seeing things that are not there, or at the very least, are not what they seem to be. We are constantly being misled by our perceptions. In the wrong light, blue looks like green, a woman looks like a boy. And no two eyewitnesses can agree on the details of a accident that happened right in front of them. In almost every aspect of life, it is demonstrably true that seeing is a poor basis for believing.

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