What’s Your Type?

Want to express your brand’s personality through design? Start by choosing the right font!
A picture is worth a thousand words, but your font choice can make quite the statement, too. “Your type is almost like the handwriting of your brand,” says Yego Moravia, design director at New York-based advertising agency Mother New York with clients including Target and Virgin Mobile. It’s an expression of your brand’s personality, whether it’s serious or sophisticated, playful or compassionate. Font styles are messaging cues, and serve as important branding elements in all advertising and marketing collateral. Here, experts offer some guidance on finding the right fit.

Typeface is the equivalent of a human voice, says Simon Lince, chief creative officer at New York-based Sterling Brands, a branding agency that focuses on design for clients such as Nike and Levi’s. “Think of it as a medium in the same way you’d think of imagery or sound—as a palate you can tap into to communicate all kinds of emotions.

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