The End of the Facebook Free-For-All – How to Break Out And Build Up Your Fan Base [Infographic]


As a marketer, Facebook’s ever-changing news feed algorithm is frustrating! It constantly pushes you to change your social media tactics. But with each change, organic reach continues to fall short. In fact, if you are a large brand only 2-8% of fans actually see your posts and only .073% of brands’ fans actually interact with these posts. This is bad for brands, but great for Facebook. Is it the end of the Facebook free-for-all? How can you break out of this trap and build up your fan base?

Download Marketo’s infographic to explore how you can beat the Facebook Free-For-All:
* Start posting native to generate impressions and build fan interaction
* Expand your marketing efforts to additional venues to attract new new viewers
* Invest in other social channels to build marketing continuum
* Provide fans with new alternative ways to interact with your brand

Click here to download the info graphic: